Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A not so nice comment.

So you knew it had to happen. It was brought to my attention that my post awhile back about the ignorant people at the zoo received a rude comment. I guess one of those people found my blog or maybe its just some other ignorant person that found what I said offensive. And of course they didn't leave their name but I would love for them to come back and explain how they came up with their ideas from reading my blog because clearly they can't read and they don't know me at all. So here is there comment.

Anonymous said...
Its clear you want a lot of attention and then complain when you get it!Other children are just as good as yours so don't run us over with your stroller.God bless your child but shame on you.
July 30, 2009 11:08 PM
And now for my reply. First off anyone that knows me and anyone that read and understood that post knows that the last thing I want is lots of attention...perhaps it wasn't clear that I asked for advice on how to handle UNWANTED attention. I"m in incredible shy person and keep to myself. If my blog is somehow mistaken for a way to "get attention" You can rest assured that this blog is for my son. Its the story of our journey to him and I continue to blog because others in the process might find some of what I write about to be useful in their own lives. I keep it real I don't gloss things over. Second of all I never implied that my child was better then anyone else's in fact the point of the post was that my son should be able to enjoy the exhibits at the zoo in a manner he was comfortable with. He shouldn't have to be touched or stared at or have his view obstructed by others. And yes God did bless my child but rest assured he also bless my husband and I beyond measure with the gift of our son.

And just so everyone knows I didn't write this because the comment was offensive or upsetting to me I did so because I found it funny.

In other news my parents are coming on Friday with my niece and nephew. I can't wait for my parents to see how much Noah has grown and changed since he's been home and I know my niece and nephew can't wait to meet the "baby cousin" they have been waiting for years to have. Sean's parents and grampy will be coming to town right after my family leaves so it will be nice for Noah to meet his Mimi and Pappap and his only great grandparent. The rest of this month will be busy busy busy.

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Maria and Family said...

dont you love folks who take things out of context and ASSUME they know just what you are thinking??? I have had my share of those folks thru the election...I knew you were just venting and certainly wouldnt run kids over LOL!! parents maybe...I KID!! :)
Hang in there you are doing a wondeful job Mommy :) Noah is just beautiful. email me...