Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving/Christmas with the Albrights

Babies have been coming home and new referrals have been given in the past week and I have been absent from blogland. With good reason of course. I was celebrating thanksgiving and christmas in florida with my husbands family. It was decided this year that only the children in the family would receive gifts and since sean is the only sibling with no children yet our little man in Ethiopia received his first christmas presents. There are alot of pictures but first lets tell ya who is in the Albright Clan.
Seans parents aka mimi and pap-pap
seans grandfather aka Grampy
seans sister & family aka Aunt Kera, Uncle Ryan and the cousins Christian and Camden
seans brother & family aka Aunt Tammy, Uncle Terry and the cousins Stephanie and Angel
We want to thank all of them for the great gifts and we can't wait to see who the little guy is that is blessed with all this great stuff.

The pile of Gifts in the red paper is for Baby Albright.

Warm snowsuit and new blankies. The blanket on the left is the same blanket that his cousin baby Camden has.

lots of new pajamas.

ready for bath time. Lots of new toys. Anyone wanna come over and play?This is a special gift from my mother in law. I'm not sure how long ago she bought them but she got 3. One for each of the first grandchildren from each of her children. So Christian and Angel have them and now Baby Noah has his waiting for him.

I can't wait to be able to show pictures of the completed nursery with all these great things waiting for baby. Someday the nursery will get finished I promise.


Anonymous said...

Baby Noah is going to be one lucky little boy. He got soooo many nice things and the carosel! Beautiful.

Dawn said...

Wow - look at all those gifts!! That's wonderful! Glad you had a good trip! Let's hope for some news this week!

Kristi J said...

how cute is that?? love seeing presents for your baby...I can't wait to see you get your referral, kristi

Maria and Family said...

You have a wonderful family. Love the baby gifts, really cool.
Maria :)

Kristi J said...

Too funny..I never know who is reading my blog, so thanks for coming out of hiding...I ordered all stockings from Pottery Barn kids...Mine and the hubbys are still from before we had kids so they don't match..I should really upgrade ours too, but I have so many kids I never seem to remember our stockings :) thanks for stopping by, kristi

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Gifts! Those Snowsuits are like extra two used to fall asleep in ours all the time..

nothing like a extra nap when running errands!

Congrats and Merry Christmas Dear!
from wild

GoldGryphon said...

Hi Albright! I didn't know I could leave a comment! So my first one!:)
Noah has some great gifts, but the best one is getting you and Sean as parents! Praying that happens soon! Can't wait for your monthly update on numbers!

nell ann said...

Oh how totally fun! We're being included in the "cousins name draw" this year. We've been the only ones without children forever, so it's really exciting! I can't wait to see nursery pics and am impressed that you are working on it through the holidays. I'm not even thinking about starting until after new year's.

nell ann said...

p.s. i am so excited about getting our new numbers this week! yay!

nell ann said...

wait, we get an email? i got an email last month. i haven't talked to anyone at agci since the first of october. do they rotate? hmmm. anyway, i just hope it comes before friday. it's torture waiting all week long!