Friday, September 5, 2008

Sept update New #'s

Ok so its time for another blog update and new #'s. Last month our update came in form of an email this month it was a phone call so this is how it went down. Normally this time of year I would already be done with work (I work at a minor league baseball stadium) however this year the boys have made the playoffs for the first time since 1997 so we had the first two games of the playoffs at our field this week. So last night I'm at work and I knew the call could be coming so I had my phone set to vibrate. I'm taking care of customers and sure enough the phone goes off so I take a peek and see AGCI across the screen. Well of course I'm not allowed to answer my phone when I'm at work so I just have to hope they leave a voicemail. A couple minutes later I look and sure enough there is a voicemail so I told my coworker as soon as the game started I had to run into the clock in room to listen to my voicemail. And then I start thinking what if she didnt leave our new # in the voicemail??? Well Christy didn't let me down she left the new # and we are
Of course I spent the next 15 minutes running around telling all my coworkers and half my customers and had a huge grin pasted on my face the rest of the night. It also helps that the guys had an awesome game last night and won so they gave us plenty to cheer for. We have also received our FDL(favorable determination letter) so we are now officially paper ready to receive a referral when our time comes.


Brian and Autumn said...

Renee - Congratulations!! This movement is so exciting. I am so glad she left a message. Can you imagine if she said I have your new numbers so call me back? That would have been torture, :). Enjoy 19 while you are there because hopefully you won't be there long!

jody said...

We are just right ahead of you on the boys list-woohoo! the teens-yikes! so awesome!