Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The journey so far

Ok for my first post I'm going to keep this short. In December of 2007 we signed contracts with our adoption agency All Gods Children International(portland oregon) and also with our homestudy agency Holy Cross Child Placement agency(Maryland). In January 2008 we started the long process of putting togeather our dossier and doing our homestudy. After 6 long stressful months we finally got our first offical # on our agencies wait list for a Baby boy on July 14th..We are # 21 and couldn't be happier. We expect an update within a few weeks to let us know if our # on the list has changed but we don't expect much movement in the next two months as the courts in Ethiopia are closed. However we are keeping busy buying baby furniture and picking out the fun things like car seats and bedding. We won't register until we have a referral but somethings will be buy in advance. We also had our fingerprints done on saturday for our FDL(favorable determination letter) which is needed for us to accept a referral so hopefully that will be coming within a month or so. We have also been told that our Dossier is back from authentication in washington DC and should be on its way to Ethiopia.

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