Sunday, January 23, 2011

2 1/2, Keeping it Real,Anything goes.

OK so I have been meaning to blog and I have had all these great topics in my head but I don't sit down and type out any of them because really I don't make time. I get LAZY. That's right at the end of the day my old self is worn out from a certain 2 1/2 year old and I don't want to do anything but sleep. So what is the cheeky monkey up to now? Well we are half way thru the 2's. Really more then half way because in 3 days he'll be 2 years 7 months. And we are surviving yep that's how I put it because some days that all I feel like we are doing..just gettin by..sliding along...surviving. Noah Tamirat is super smart, cute and funny. He knows his colors, letters , #'s and all kinds of things. Just recently he has started singing the alphabet , he can count to 10 easily as high as 20 if he concentrates. If the #'s are written down he can tell you what they are. He can tell you his full name, how old he is and that he is from Africa,more specifically Ethiopia and he can recognize his name if its written down.
Below is a picture of the sit and spin that he got for Ethiopian christmas. I know its not a gift giving holiday for them but he got that and a new ethiopian outfit because really we can't help giving him gifts we just love it.All dressed up to go out and celebrate Ethiopian Christmas.

Maybe someday I'll post on here that he is potty trained but right now...NOPE. He's stubborn, I get angry and do the complete wrong thing and I yell and put him back in diapers. Yup this is the part where i'm keepin it real . I need alot of work in the parenting department to be a more laid back , calm mommy. Or maybe I just need a really really long vacation some place warm and tropical so I can come back all refresed and relaxed. Yeah thats not happening how about a fews hours kid free....can I pray for that? Son i'll never be perfect and i'm gonna screw up alot but one thing you can be sure I love you to the moon and back and you'll always be my favorite little boy in the whole wide world.
That's just how we roll in our tv. watching, fast food eating, loud plastic battery operated lights and sound toys household. And somehow we are surviving.

Just look at the joy on that face. He knows mommy is close behind.