Friday, April 22, 2011

My Son.

2 years together

Two years and 2 days ago Noah Tamirat was placed in our arms in Ethiopia and we became a family. Two days from now marks the day we brought him "home" to America a country and a life so different from anything he had ever known. I don't think I can ever fully express how much of a blessing he is not just to us as his parents but to all of our family and friends. This perfect gift from God that we did nothing to deserve but strive every day to be worthy of. My son. I didn't carry you in my belly for 9 months but we carried you in our hearts long before your birth. I didn't spend hours in labor but we labored for hours over paperwork and home visits. We spent hours on a plane to travel to the country of your birth and I spent what felt like hours sitting on the hard concrete waiting for you to wake up. I wasn't there when you took your first breath but holding you for the first time you took my breath away. I didn't hear your first cries but I cried the first time I saw you. We don't share skin color, eye color, hair color or DNA but we share the important things. We share laughter and tears,messes and food,happy times and sad, we share Life. I'm not the only woman you call mommy, i'm not the only woman that calls you son. I'm certainly not the first or the last woman who's heart you will steal. Because never for a moment doubt that sitting there in that hot african sun you might have been sound asleep but my heart was lost to you forever. You are my son and I am your mom and its as simple and beautiful as that.