Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Potty Trained??

Ok so I didn't think this would be my next post. Two weeks ago I decided to just jump into the potty training and see what happened. My thought was to dress Noah in socks, undies and shirt and keep his potty in the living room to see what happened. After a couple accidents in the morning he freaked out and didn't want undies on..ok not my plan but we'll see what happens if he's naked. After nap I left him diaperless. He was playing with toys when all of a sudden he ran over opened his potty and sat down...he then turned to me and said..pee pee momma. Sure enough potty success all on his own doing. It took a day or two for him to poop on the potty and lots and lots of encouragment. There were a couple accidents but we went a week undie free and he did really well. We then switched to my original plan of wearing undies..Again a couple accidents because he won't pull down his own pants but he will tell you and run to the potty so you have to pay attention to his needs. Over the weekend we went ahead and got his potty training reward and he also had his first success on a public potty. He is still pretty scared of big potties but has gone a couple times on the one at home. This week we are back to wearing pants.
Noah still wears diapers at bed time but from the time he wakes up in the morning until the time he gets in jammies he is in undies. So proud of my little "big" man.